…and so many forms.

There has to be a better way. This thought consumed the mind and frustrated the day-to-day work activities of life insurance agent Bill Atlee. Back in 1995, form packages were being mailed out and just as quickly they became obsolete. How could an agent possibly gain the trust of the customer in securing their financial future when they couldn’t even be sure that they were using the right form?!

The process eventually evolved into the distribution of CD’s, but this came with a new set of challenges. You see, these discs were distributed monthly, and if the cutoff deadline was missed, it meant a month of archaic forms. Agents also quickly realized they were shelling out a TON of money on toner, because the printing costs had been effectively shifted to their budgets. So what could put an end to the nightmare?

Bill’s vision was simple: create a single, up-to-date source of reference for forms from different companies and states.

This idea spawned LifePipe, a product used today by 1,400+ distributors to greatly simplify their efforts.

But let’s rewind to the rest of the excessive, time consuming process. Forms were just the tip of the iceberg- there was always a dream of automating the application process. The life insurance industry was fragmented, full of slapped-together software that much like LifePipe came from industry folks who were just trying to make life easier for themselves. iGO® was born in 2005, and the application process was forever changed. But that was just the beginning…

Passionate about digitization,
and the consumer it benefits

Our mission has always been to foster the automation of processing for the life insurance industry. LifePipe and iGO were the foundations, but through the years and piece by piece we’ve been innovating, building towards end-to-end digitization.

More important than the technology and software though is the genuine care we have for the people that it impacts.
Did you know that over 70 million people in North America aren’t prepared to provide for their loved ones? There’s a tremendous amount of people who are under-insured, or perhaps they’re being served, but not as well as they could or should be. We want to make a difference in their financial security.

We start with the customer and work backwards. We want to change the mindset that insurance is always sold, it’s not bought. Take the complex make it simple. Take the simple, make it faster. Take the faster, broaden its availability. That’s innovation unleashed.

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