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SolutionBuilder Training Session

SolutionBuilder is more than your average protection quotes portal, it’s here to help you quickly model and shape a range of protection solutions for your clients.

To help you find your way around SolutionBuilder and to get you quoting as soon as possible, we run on demand training sessions so you can watch it at your convenience. These sessions are free to attend and suited to all users; they are the quickest way to help you find your way around the tool and get you quoting within 30 minutes.

In the SolutionBuilder training session we cover:

  • Comparing protection needs 
  • Client dashboard
  • 90 day requotes 
  • Benefit summary 
  • Indicative premiums
  • Protection and risk report 
  • The matrix
  • XRAE underwriting 
  • Saving and applying.

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Need more Help?

If you have any questions about using SolutionBuilder or signing up to one of these training sessions then you can contact one of our friendly Customer Services team on 0345 408 4022 or email: