How does XRAE help in the Quotes process?

“The single biggest reason I’d recommend XRAE is the ease of use and quickness. Using XRAE avoids the ‘best guess’ exercise.” - Neil Foster, Personal Aftercare Manager, Freedom to Insure." - Read the Full Case Study here.

Researching protection is all well and good when you have a client with no health concerns; the protection quoted is the cover they will receive. However, when you are researching a client who you think may be rated due to family history or a smoking habit, what do you do? Providing them with standard premiums can lead to disappointment, especially if a 40% loading is added to their premium. Using XRAE early on in the quote process can solve this issue. 

XRAE® is our multi-provider indicative underwriting solution available to all SolutionBuilder and Assureweb users, developed to help avoid this scenario. By capturing client health and lifestyle information, XRAE produces indicative ratings based on each provider’s unique underwriting rules. It eliminates the need to contact numerous providers to evaluate how a client will be rated and provides a single, comparative view of results. These results illustrate an instant decision in principal, from multiple providers, increasing the opportunity of getting more clients on risk faster.

The following providers quote are covered by XRAE: AIG, LV=, Royal London, Zurich, Aegon and Scottish Widows.

Set Client Expectations Early in the Sales Process

Not everyone will receive standard rates and quoting standard rates that a client is never going to receive can harm trust. By giving your client an accurate quote at the point of sale you improve the likelihood of the sale going through to completion and there is no unpleasant price hikes for the client later on.

Launch Directly from SolutionBuilder or Assureweb

XRAE will launch in a new window and carry through all of the information you have previously input in the quotes portal - there's no re-keying of data involved. Look out for the XRAE icon to launch the tool, input extra health and lifestyle information and gain rating insights instantly.

Reduce the Need to Multi-apply

Reduce the cost and time associated with transferring a case to a different provider because of underwriting issues. Use XRAE to see where issues may arise before you apply, instead of using trial and error means.

24/7 Access to Provider Underwriting Rules

Avoid the constraints of the conventional 9am-5pm window of being able to call underwriting help desks and access underwriting information from providers instantly, 24/7/365. Using XRAE to assist your underwriting also provides you with a record for compliance on why the standard rate quote would not be most suitable option for a client with special considerations.


Add as much or as little information as you know about your clients including: tobacco usage, cholesterol readings, family medical history, alcohol consumption, blood pressure and BMI ratings. For example if you only know your client’s height and weight then that’s all you need to enter as the system can work off minimum information, but the more information you input, the more accurate the rating will be. If there is no specific field for you to fill in on a topic, then you can input this information into the notes section of the client's file so it isn't overlooked.

Feedback from our customers is that XRAE is: simple to use; provides an option to assess a client's application before submitting to the insurer; the fact that you can get a definite rating amount is a big help.

Try it out today!

XRAE is free to use for all of our Assureweb and SolutionBuilder users.

Look out for the XRAE icon to launch the tool in a new window and gain rating insights instantly.