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XRAE® is multi-provider indicative underwriting solution – which is available to all Assureweb portal and SolutionBuilder® users. The service has been developed to help manage client expectations up front at the start of the sales process and allows providers to better utilize underwriter resources for more complex enquiries.

By capturing health and lifestyle information, XRAE produces indicative ratings based on each provider’s unique underwriting rules. It eliminates the need to contact numerous providers to evaluate how a client will be rated and provides a single, comparative view of results. These results illustrate an instant decision in principal from multiple providers, increasing the opportunity of getting more clients on risk faster.

Find out how Openwork incorporate XRAE into the sales process to provide more accurate quotes to clients from the outset with our Case Study here.



Integration Details

iPipeline’s new XRAE service is available immediately, free of charge, to all advisers using the Assureweb Portal or SolutionBuilder® and can even be integrated into distrbutors’ own solutions.