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SolutionBuilder is a client-centric, research, quote and apply solution, which allows advisers to easily compare both simple and complex protection needs within a simplified and responsive UI. Providing a complete service, the solution supports single and multi-benefit products so that advisers can quickly identify the right solution, based on their client’s needs and budget.

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  • Ability to research, quote and compare a client’s protection needs across multiple product sets including Life, Critical Illness, Business Protection, Whole of Life and Income Protection Insurance.
  • Menu Builder – allows an adviser to view a number of different solutions to their client’s protection needs, including multi-benefit and single-benefit products in a single view.
  • Intelligent Matrix Quoting – allows advisers to view a range of indicative premiums from a single set of inputs, helping to set client expectations earlier in the process without having to run multiple quotes.
  • Client dashboard – provides advisers with easy access to client quotes. Advisers can quickly start a new quote or sort, search and retrieve existing client quotes.
  • Holds quote data for more than 30 days, making it easier for advisers to quickly return to and review previous quoting options without the need to re-key data.
  • Integrated with XRAE®, iPipeline's indicative underwriting solution.
  • Ability to ‘flag’ preferred products throughout the research process so that they can be easily returned to and applied for.
  • Sliders – enable advisers to quickly increase and decrease cover options and view the impact on premiums, along with visually demonstrating to clients the different options available.
  • Full client history is stored for future reference, including previously quoted information which can be re-used for further client options.
  • Generate guaranteed General Insurance quotes from within SolutionBuilder from select providers, avoiding the need to rekey information into a separate GI system.


  • Faster more efficient solution allowing advisers to easily review their clients’ protection needs and quickly find the right solution.
  • Intelligent matrix quoting displays multiple cover options across multiple product sets in a single view, promoting cross sell and up sell opportunities.
  • The process of researching protection is made much more straightforward and is interlinked with the identification of customers’ needs.
  • Aligns well to the requirements of call-centre operators who need to have quick access to a wide range of cover options and costs, in order to react to the requirements of the customer in real-time.
  • The cost of cover and any suitable alternatives is made available quickly and easily, enabling advisers to better engage with clients.
  • Quoted information can be stored for future reference or re-used for further client options, saving advisers time.
  • Clean, clear, responsive UI, optimized for tablets, to reflect the changing nature of how advisers want to use technology to improve business efficiency.
  • Streamlined application process with LifeQuote integration available to reduce time spent on admin.
  • Integrated with a number of industry CRMs, offering a straight-through process, pre-populating applications with client data: Mortgage Brain's The Key, 360Dotnet's 360 Lifecycle, Intelliflo's Intelligent Office, Twenty7Tec's Mortgage Source, Time4Advice's CURO and Bluecoat’s Finplan.

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SolutionBuilder integrates seamlessly with iPipeline's indicative underwriting solution, XRAE®. Visit the XRAE product page for more information on this solution.

XRAE - Multi-provider Indicative Underwriting Solution.