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Innovative retirement planning solution, enabling financial advisers to assess and visually demonstrate their client's at retirement options, with the ability to quote and apply using pre-populated data. It assists advisers with helping clients make the right decisions with their pension fund, looking at the various factors that need to be considered, such as income, taxation and provision for dependents in a highly interactive and visual way.


  • Dynamic screens quickly display multiple at retirement options in a simple view.
  • Displays rates of growth to show how drawdown can be sustained to different ages and allows a flexible range of withdrawal and growth scenarios to be considered.
  • The service links to quote and apply enabling efficient straight through processing.


  • Fast efficient solution which allows advisers to easily review their clients’ at retirement needs and demonstrate various options, in a highly visual way.
  • Helps refine the process, whether it be part of the research stage or presenting research findings to the client in a clear, easy to understand format, to help facilitate discussion.
  • A clients’ at retirement options are made available quickly and easily, allowing them to help more clients with varying pension pots.
  • Simple, responsive UI, which is tablet friendly, so can be used in client facing situations, to reflect the changing nature of how advisers want to use technology.

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Version 1.0 of Retirement Builder is available now and the service is currently free of charge for all adviser users. Further versions of the service are planned.

You can register for Retirement Builder at

Bespoke builds or implementations are available and will be assessed on a case by case basis.