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PreQuo® Lead Gen



Attracting and cultivating leads is made easier with PreQuo Lead Gen. Consumers gain an understanding of the life cover they may require based on their circumstances and how affordable the cover is – all before they speak to an expert.

Consumers can fill out the full questionnaire in less than 3 minutes and view an instant indication of cost for cover, taking into account: date of birth, gender, tobacco usage and an individual, or couple’s, financial situation. It doesn’t take away the job of an adviser but is accurate enough for the consumer to feel like they are not going in ‘blind’ to conversations with experts on protection.


  • Simple, interactive UI optimised for use on both mobile and desktop – to reach users wherever they are.
  • Provides individuals with an interactive ‘nudge’ for to see for themselves just how affordable protection is.
  • Allows users a simple ‘self-service’ way to get a starting point to talk about protection, reducing the amount of effort required to engage users.
  • The user creates a indication of cost for the consumer that is more than a generic ‘cover from £10/month’ figure, taking into account date of birth, gender, tobacco usage, and financial situation; without making the process laborious for the consumer by asking too many questions.
  • A fully GDPR compliant solution to deliver information about interested leads to the Adviser/Distributor.


  • Helps initiate conversations around protection with minimal effort from a protection expert until the lead has indicated that they are interested in cover.
  • Warms up leads for you and prequalifies those that are interested, saving time on ‘cold calling’ users.
  • Provides an unbiased solution where an indicative cost for protection is generated, analysing values across multiple providers providing an accurate figure without the option for customers to go direct to a provider.

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PreQuo® Lead Gen is powered by PreQuo® Services which provides a widget with indicative costs of different types of protection which can be adjusted and modelled to meet individual's needs.