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It's no secret that mortgage advisers do not have an easy and efficient way to sell protection. It is estimated that mortgage advisers only sell protection against 20-30% of all mortgages sold. At the time that they’re with a client, PreQuo is accessible via a widget that provides an immediate indicative cost of protection which can be used as an interactive protection sales aid. It allows advisers to quickly research protection options and provide them to the client in an instant, simultaneously assessing the client’s risk of needing that protection coverage (risk reality). Advisers are able to upsell their clients, get them the protection coverage that they need and increase the client’s total number of benefits.


  • Populates up to 5 benefits (cover types), such as term policy, income protection, joint life family income and pushes the adviser and client’s selection directly to SolutionBuilder
  • Has key integration capabilities, including SolutionBuilder, client management systems and mortgage sourcing systems
  • Provides an Interactive sales aid – indicative quotes with risk reality/predictive analysis


  • Immediate access/instant indicative access to all cover options
  • Manipulate cover options with slider tool to increase or decrease cover options based on customer budget
  • Responsive design that also enables straight through processing

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