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iGo® for Trust Forms



With the help of iGO for Trust Forms, Life Assurance providers can now develop and deploy full extranet straight through processing capability. This digital solution allows for customisable forms and applications to be submitted online, taking prepopulated data and producing 100% in Good Order submission, in the required final format. The service is designed to streamline and accelerate placing Life Assurance in trust.

With iGO for Trust Forms, the provider’s paper forms are replicated online allowing a consistent process. The adviser is guided on which is the correct trust form to complete helping support the sometimes complicated process. The process includes an advanced e-signature, which is compliant with English and Scottish Law, ensuring multiple signatures from both the lives assured and the trustee’s signatures are captured in the correct order and multiple forms of authentication are verified.


  • Can be utilised both with existing policies and at the new business stage, allowing advisers to offer the service to existing and new customers.
  • A simple decision tree process is easily completed to guide advisers to the form they need.
  • The data is validated as it is entered to ensure that all mandatory data is collected at the point of submission.
  • The collection and transmission of data is done securely.
  • Managed e-signatures ensuring all parties are captured in the correct order and verified using multiple forms of authentication e.g. SMS.
  • All of the important document and signature activities are recorded with ongoing, secure access for all parties to signed documents.


  • Offer paperless applications which match existing paper forms .
  • Prevents required fields being missed off as well as data entry mistakes occurring due to poor handwriting.
  • Cuts valuable processing time and significantly shortens the length of time between when the idea of a Trust is first brought up and when it is completed.
  • Reduces adviser administration overheads with everything being stored and accessed online.
  • Forms can be accessed from an Extranet site, or from an external adviser site.

For Advisers

Digital trust form capability provides advisers with an easier to follow, straight through process which includes guidance on the most suitable trust.

For Consumers

The streamlined process allows consumers to complete their details online at a time convenient for them. This applies to trustees who are required to provide a signature.