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SSG Digital



People are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to buying products and managing their finances. They want to deal with businesses when it’s convenient for them. They also expect any transactions they make to be simple and completed quickly.

An ever-increasing number of people are adopting digital services to help improve their financial resilience, managing accounts and finances online and through mobile devices.

SSG Digital is a self-serve system that supports the whole customer journey for protection products. From producing quotations, completing applications and underwriting, through to servicing, claims and ongoing agency management. Providing a customer centric end to end system, SSG Digital helps customers, intermediaries and providers manage protection products better than ever before.


  • Omni-channel – proven deployment across intermediary, direct, call centre, affiliate and bank channels. Also supports all portals and aggregators.
  • Multi device – can be used across tablets, laptops, desktops and smartphones.
  • Accessibility – multilingual and multi-currency enabled.
  • Connected – all documentation is generated automatically and issued by post, email or SMS. If any action is needed, all people involved will be notified immediately by email or through the system.
  • Comprehensive – extensive product coverage (individual and group contracts) supports everything from migrating old legacy products to launching new ones quickly and efficiently.


  • Making the complex simple – supporting complex product structures. Benefits can be layered under a product, added and removed as and when needed. Clients can stay in a single process even if they need to make material changes or disclosures, therefore no need for a new application.
  • Flexible – you can mix and match the components that are most suitable for your business needs. Manual intervention is available if needed, for example clerical underwriting decisions, reinsurers consideration, contact centre application support. Allows multiple lives and multi-benefits structures.
  • Improved quality – faster turnaround, reduction in errors and improved data quality drives greater customer satisfaction.
  • Speed to Market – new launches are delivered in market re-defining speed. Most product changes can be implemented in hours or days, rather than weeks or months.
  • Efficient – one system, one data source. Data is only keyed once throughout the system. Automates all pre and post-sale activities.

SSG Digital

SSG Digital was formerly provided by TCP LifeSystems which was acquired by iPipeline in 2018.