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iGO®, an intelligent fillable form, enables providers and distributors to improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating errors and producing 100% correct and complete submissions. Hosted by iPipeline, iGO® is accessible through a single sign-on via your website, extranet, portal or a distribution partner’s website. The service can be used with e-Signature; e-Submission and offline capability to execute full straight through processing. 


  • Indicates to advisers those fields required for applications to be received ‘in good order’
  • Smart, reflexive tool which recognises and auto-loads all required forms based on applicant responses
  • XML standards allow for easy data mapping and exchange
  • e-Signature and e-Submission for straight through processing.
  • Modern UI offers device optimisation and responsive behaviour on desktop and mobile


  • Eliminates NiGO (not in good order) applications
  • Standardised, rules-based platform ensures that the proper application and forms are used
  • Simplified and accelerated processing of insurance
  • Reduces cycle time and increases placement ratios.

Integration Details

Hosted by iPipeline, iGO® is accessible through a single sign-on via any originating system.  This solution can be combined with offline capability for a fully flexible system, enabling advisers to work anytime, anywhere, accelerating the selling to annuity products.