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Season 3 Episode 3 | Implications of Coronavirus on the Life Insurance Industry

As business continuity plans – and life in general – have been upended across the country and the world, we discuss some of the implications of the coronavirus on the life insurance industry with noted thought leaders Jena Kennedy and Scott Rhinehart from LexisNexis. A fascinating examination of what we’re all facing – and how to potentially get through this in better shape than we entered.

Season 3 Episode 1 | An Inspiring Conversation with Jim Sorebo

Pipecast, the official podcast of iPipeline, is back with another fresh release!

Check out season 3 episode 1, available now featuring Jim Sorebo, SVP of Sales at Highland Capital Brokerage.

In this episode, we speak with a well-known industry evangelist and advocate – Jim Sorebo, SVP of Sales at Highland Capital Brokerage. He joins us for an inspirational conversation about his incredibly successful career, personal challenges, and of course, triumphs. Jim addresses head on, what’s happening in our industry with passion and solutions.

What a great way to kick off our brand new season!

Season 2 Episode 7 | Innovation, Investment and Manufacturing Challenges with Jeff Shaw

Pipecast, the official podcast of iPipeline, is back with another fresh release!

Check out season 2 episode 7, available now featuring Jeff Shaw, Executive Director of the Life Insurers Council.

In this episode, Jeff touches on a wide range of topics, including the challenges around innovation, investment, and manufacturing. With the industry changing more rapidly than ever, what can companies large or small do in the short term to accommodate customers’ evolving needs and spending habits? Jeff has an extraordinary perspective on the current state of the life and annuity industry. Working with a core group of smaller insurers, Jeff is always seeking ways to help them improve their ability to achieve higher profitability, predictability, and scalability.

Season 2, Episode 6 | Jena Kennedy of LexisNexis on Security and Authentication

Pipecast, the official podcast of iPipeline, is back with another fresh release!

Check out season 2 episode 6, available now featuring Jena Kennedy, Director of Vertical Market Strategy for Life Insurance at LexisNexis.

In this episode, we welcome Jena for a broad and entertaining discussion on security and authentication in the life insurance industry today. What’s at stake for insurance companies, and what can they do to ensure the balance of usability and safety? How can consumers navigate the complexities surrounding the protection of their information? What can and should financial professionals do to help their customers and companies without preventing sales? All of these topics and more are on the table.

Season 2, Episode 5 | Gregg Poston on the Life Insurance Industry Today

Released August 22, 2019

We welcome Gregg Poston, the Managing Director of Licensing and Field Technology at OneAmerica, for a wide-ranging and fascinating discussion on the life insurance industry today. Gregg’s deep knowledge and understanding of the market, the economic environment, and the successes and challenges of running a life insurance practice in 2019 make for an entertaining look into the industry we love.

Season 2, Episode 4 | Life and Annuity Masters

Released May 11, 2019

Our latest Pipecast takes a look at the current state of the industry from the perspective of two leaders of Life and Annuity Masters – Tim Whitmore (CMO and CFO) and Tom Vick (Director of Annuities). The two discuss their backgrounds, how the industry has evolved over that time, the key areas where success is most apparent, and areas for improvement. It’s an interesting and deep look at the world of insurance and annuity distribution in 2019.

Season 2, Episode 2 | Women Empowering Financial Independence

Released February 07, 2019

Leticia Santiago, Director of Operations at Life and Annuity Masters and Toni Golden, President and CEO of The Toni Group, join host Rich Grisham to discuss their involvement in WEFI (Women Empowering Financial Independence). This group’s goal, simply put, is to reach out to individuals to let them know who they are and that resources are available to help them be successful. They support and educate both newly licensed and seasoned veterans, focusing on empowerment and education. It’s a wonderful story and we’re delighted to bring it to you directly from the people that are making it happen!

Season 2, Episode 1 | CELENT Reflects on Big Trends from 2018 and Looks Ahead into 2019

Released January 04, 2019

Tom Scales – Head of Americas Life, Annuity, and Health for Celent – joins host Rich Grisham to take a look at the big trends of the life insurance industry as we look back at 2018 and forward to 2019. From technology to product, distribution to end consumers, Mr. Scales has his finger on the pulse of our industry like few others.

Season 1, Episode 12 | Modern Distributed Insurance with Bill Levinson

Released September 25, 2018

This episode of the Pipecast features Bill Levinson, the Managing Partner of Levinson & Associates. He and host Rich Grisham discuss a wide array of topics about the life insurance industry, including the changes in products and technology over the past two decades, his approach to recruiting and keeping top talent, the interesting choices consumers have in purchasing insurance these days, and much more.

Season 1, Episode 11 | Surveying the Life Insurance Landscape with Chip Van Dusen

Released July 29, 2018

This episode of the Pipecast features Chip Van Dusen, one of the most influential figures in the life insurance distribution space. As President and CEO of Diversified Brokerage Services, a highly successful industry leader, Mr. Van Dusen has personally seen and participated in the transformation of our marketplace. Join him and host Rich Grisham as they survey the current landscape from a people, technology, legal, and recruiting standpoint.

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