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The Value of e-Delivery & e-Signature Technology in a COVID and Post-COVID World

The dependency on paper and wet signatures has crippled business speed – and in some situations screeched it to a grinding halt. iPipeline’s 25 years of experience and proven technology in insurance and financial services has positioned them as an industry leader for a variety of straight through processing new business solutions, among them, e-Delivery and e-Signature. Raymond James and Lincoln Financial are two member organizations utilizing iPipeline software to drive their businesses forward – and they’re imploring others to do the same.

IRI hosted “The Value of e-Delivery & e-Signature Technology in a COVID and Post-COVID World” on June 18, 2020. During this session, Jessica Brown, Assistant Vice President, Marketing, iPipeline, Brent Osborne, Vice President, Annuity CX, Lincoln Financial Group, Beth Maziad, Senior Vice President, Insurance Solutions Operations, Raymond James and Bill Hunter, Senior Vice President, Sales, iPipeline, tag teamed a discussion on the immediate impact of digitizing delivery and e-Signature, and the long-term strategies that they’re defining together to standardize our industry.

Lincoln Financial Group Reveals Keys to Reaching Youth Market

In this national webcast, Lincoln Financial Group’s Heather Milligan, Senior Vice President, Underwriting & New Business, and iPipeline’s Bill Atlee, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, reveal how Lincoln Financial Group’s product, process, underwriting, delivery, and technology strategy are tackling the challenge.