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Season 3 Episode 3 | Implications of Coronavirus on the Life Insurance Industry

As business continuity plans – and life in general – have been upended across the country and the world, we discuss some of the implications of the coronavirus on the life insurance industry with noted thought leaders Jena Kennedy and Scott Rhinehart from LexisNexis. A fascinating examination of what we’re all facing – and how to potentially get through this in better shape than we entered.

Season 2, Episode 6 | Jena Kennedy of LexisNexis on Security and Authentication

Pipecast, the official podcast of iPipeline, is back with another fresh release!

Check out season 2 episode 6, available now featuring Jena Kennedy, Director of Vertical Market Strategy for Life Insurance at LexisNexis.

In this episode, we welcome Jena for a broad and entertaining discussion on security and authentication in the life insurance industry today. What’s at stake for insurance companies, and what can they do to ensure the balance of usability and safety? How can consumers navigate the complexities surrounding the protection of their information? What can and should financial professionals do to help their customers and companies without preventing sales? All of these topics and more are on the table.

Season 2, Episode 3 | Pipecast LIVE! at Connections 2019

Released April 01, 2019

At iPipeline’s 2019 Connections conference, we spoke with a series of industry thought leaders and difference makers. From insurance innovation to sales, running businesses to motivating people, our Pipecast participants run the spectrum of talent and impact.

In order of appearance:

Elliott Wallace, VP & GM of Life Insurance Lexis Nexis
Linda Ding, Director of Strategic Marketing, Laserfiche
Morley Ivers, President, Workplace By OS33
Chris Ewing, President and CEO, One Inc.
Kevin Baer, Founder, Baer Coaching
Cameron Greenlaw, COO, LifeBuilders