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The Pros of Conn – Our Takeaways from Connections 2021

Connections 2021 is now in the rearview- it sure felt great to get back together in person, didn’t it? There’s just something about being together face to face that sparks our industry’s sense of community, creativity, and togetherness. If you couldn’t be a part of it this year, fear not! March 6-8 and Connections 2022 are not far away! For now, please read on for the top things we brought home with us from our time with you in Vegas.

You’re Digitizing… but Are You Digital-First?

About halfway through 2020, priorities shifted in the industry and focused more on ‘going digital’ than ever before- utilizing a technology-first approach to selling and managing policies. However, it’s about much more than just adopting the technology. Shifting your organizational mindset in order to make sure you’re aligned to your customers’ needs is paramount. Consumers demand relevance, convenience, and speed. When you’re working on designing processes, it’s important to remember to approach them with the mindset of the customer, not yourself. Having an online experience that’s consistent is also vital. Keep up the great work with digital adoption, but don’t forget to pay mind to your overall mentality as well!

Punch Your Ticket to the Collaboration Station

There’s no bigger arrival to the digital platform than working together. The big theme this year was collaboration, as evidenced by the “Stronger Together” tagline. We truly can accomplish more when we work together, sharing best practices to drive our industries forward. One of the best things about Connections is the magic that happens when folks get to spend some time together bouncing ideas off one another. The same holds true within iPipeline, where Product and R&D work together by bringing back the capabilities you voice to us and working to deliver them to you. Some of these include:

When It Comes to New Business, Don’t Play the Waiting Game

If you’re waiting for an application, the process is too slow! There’s a precise time after which placement ratios decrease significantly, and even marginally increasing your cycle time speed can result in a big difference. If you’ve hit day 55, you’re leaking time and leaving millions of dollars on the table. If you want to take a deeper dive into the analysis behind this thought, take a look at our blog post by Founder Bill Atlee.

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