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Bill Atlee Featured on Bill Levinson Podcast

We are delighted to have our Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Bill Atlee featured on a recent episode of the Bill Levinson Experience – an Insurance, Sales, Business and Marketing focused podcast hosted by Bill Levinson, Managing Partner at Levinson & Associates.

We encourage you to check out this episode, where Bill Atlee discusses his background as a life insurance agent, the adventurous road he traveled to start iPipeline and his advice for being a successful entrepreneur.

Our thanks to Bill Levinson and Levinson & Associates for inviting us to participate in their industry leadership podcast!

Visit the Bill Levinson Experience Podcast

Season 1, Episode 12 | Modern Distributed Insurance with Bill Levinson

Released September 25, 2018

This episode of the Pipecast features Bill Levinson, the Managing Partner of Levinson & Associates. He and host Rich Grisham discuss a wide array of topics about the life insurance industry, including the changes in products and technology over the past two decades, his approach to recruiting and keeping top talent, the interesting choices consumers have in purchasing insurance these days, and much more.