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iPipeline® Provides Advisors Excel with Unified Path Toward Accessing Core Data Analytics in Financial Services

In Partnership with Snowflake, Turnkey Solutions Provider Enables Advisors Excel to Combine
Disparate Data Systems, Automate Workflows, and Create Practice Efficiencies to
Position Advisors for Unlimited Growth

EXTON, PA and TOPEKA, KS—June 22, 2022— iPipeline® announces that Advisors Excel, a Topeka-based financial marketing organization, will leverage iPipeline’s services to obtain real-time metrics for analyzing product and operational performance, generate competitive benchmarking and create market penetration opportunities. Financial advisors within the Advisors Excel network will also be able to leverage these insights for automating workflows to increase practice efficiencies.

iPipeline integrates its InsureSight Data Factory, which is powered by data cloud company Snowflake, with Advisors Excel’s customer relationship management (CRM) system. This takes previously siloed data from across the organization’s systems and unites it so that it can be shared across business lines. The end result enables Advisors Excel to analyze life insurance/annuity cases, quotes, and e-Application data – all in an easier and faster process — to access the streamlined data. This solution will enable Advisors Excel to generate scorecards for each advisor, providing them with their overall ranking compared to peers across key metrics, including cycle time, placement ratio, paid cases, and paid premiums.

To learn more about how iPipeline can help you leverage analytics and create efficiencies to capitalize on business opportunities, click here to see how we helped Advisors Excel increase their premium by $1.2 million in 12 months.

“Many distribution firms are working with disparate data systems that have created roadblocks for continued growth. We offer the ability to look at new ways to view data and in ways that intelligence tools and pivot tables simply cannot do,” said David Libesman, Vice President of Data Analytics at iPipeline. “By unifying their data streams through our InsureSight solution, Advisors Excel can now leverage core insights to scale its business, make staffing projections, and provide financial advisors with the opportunity to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplaces they serve. We are extremely proud to play a key role in helping Advisors Excel become a data-driven company.”

Developed by iPipeline’s data analytics and data science team, the Case Analytics service in InsureSight leverages data from iPipeline’s Agency Management System, which is comprised of more than 300 BGAs (brokerage general agents), 70 carriers, 800,000 annual application submissions, $8 billion in annuity deposits, and $4 billion in life insurance premiums across the industry.

“We have worked with iPipeline consistently for more than a decade and have grown together as our businesses continue to evolve,” said Jim Bowman, President of Life at Advisors Excel. “iPipeline is truly a leader within the life insurance and annuities data space. We view iPipeline as a strategic partner for us over the long haul. As new solutions become available through their ecosystem, we are excited to expand this existing relationship and the services we currently leverage to meet our strategic vision.”

In partnership with data cloud company Snowflake, iPipeline takes the siloed information from Advisors Excel and organizes it into one centralized location. This enhances and streamlines regulatory oversight and compliance while providing financial advisors with a broad enterprise view across all channels.

“Big Data is not just a trendy marketing term; it’s become a necessity to empower our business leaders with different ways to view data from various perspectives,” said Ryan Fickel, Chief Technology Officer of Advisors Excel. “We can’t do that if data is isolated from one system to another. iPipeline has provided us with the tools and access to consolidate multiple datasets, producing insights that can affect our bottom line—such as performance and trends.”

To learn more about iPipeline’s InsureSight solution, please visit https://www.ipipeline.com/products/insuresight, or get in touch with a sales representative via our Contact Us page: https://www.ipipeline.com/contact-us/.

About iPipeline

iPipeline is building the end-to-end digitized ecosystem for the life insurance and wealth management industries, which will enable millions of uninsured or under-insured Americans to secure their financial futures as part of a holistic financial planning experience. The firm is working to optimize all application and processing workflows—from quote to commission—and consolidating them within one of the most expansive straight-through processing platforms, significantly reducing paper, saving time, and increasing premiums and placements for insurance agents. iPipeline is also committed to offering premier subscription-based tools to help financial institutions and advisors automate and digitize financial transactions, comply with regulations, and seamlessly incorporate life insurance and annuities into client accounts. 

The iPipeline digital ecosystem incorporates one of the industry’s largest data sets to enable advisors and agents to optimize their businesses. Since its establishment in 1995, iPipeline has facilitated 1.5 billion quote responses, $32 billion in savings on printing and mailing costs, the collection of 55 billion premiums, and the protection of 25 million lives. iPipeline operates as a unit of Roper Technologies (NYSE: ROP), a constituent of the S&P 500® and Fortune 500® indices. For more information, please visit https://www.ipipeline.com/.

About Advisors Excel

Advisors Excel, founded in 2005, has redefined the role a marketing organization can play in supporting independent financial advisors. Their growth has been unparalleled in the industry and is achieved by working with a smaller group of select advisors. With a focus on making good advisors great business owners, Advisors Excel has revolutionized how financial professionals build and operate their businesses. In 2021, the 500 advisors working with Advisors Excel did over $8.9 billion in annuity, Medicare, and life insurance production. Their affiliated Registered Investment Advisory Firm, AE Wealth Management, currently manages over $18.8 billion and has been named one of the fastest-growing RIAs in the country.

Media Contact:

Laura Simpson

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Tracey Stratton

Public Relations Manager, Advisors Excel



Looking Ahead with Bill Atlee & Dan LaBert

Artificial Intelligence | Automated Underwriting | Next Gen e-App

Presenters: Bill Atlee, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, iPipeline & Dan LaBert, CEO, NAILBA

NAILBA CEO Dan LaBert sits down with Bill Atlee, Chief Innovation Officer for iPipeline, to discuss iPipeline’s initiatives moving into the new year.

BGAs: Jump-Start Your Lead Gen in the New Year

Consumer Quoting | Lead Management | Downline Transparency

Presenters: Bill Atlee, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, iPipeline & Peri Lane, Owner & Founder, Apis Productions

How are you generating new leads and attracting new clients? Are you activating your website to capture visitor exploration and catapulting that into sales opportunities?

Watch two industry veterans – Bill Atlee, iPipeline’s Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, and Peri Lane, Owner & Founder of Apis Productions, as they dive into a consumer-based quote engine approach that leverages website activity to generate and capture new leads.

Robots Take Over Illustrations- Humans in Awe!

Picture This…

Your broker is flipping through multiple illustrations with their client- you emailed them a dozen scenarios to keep them prepared. Right in the middle of their discussion, out of the blue, the client reveals they have high blood pressure. They also think the premiums are too high, the face amount is wrong, and the payment lengths need shortening. Unfortunately, in that instant, your broker has no access to carrier software or WiFi.

The broker stays cool, breaking out their smartphone, and within 30 seconds they’ve got side-by-side comparisons of the new numbers for their client. With the tap of a button, the compliant illustration pops up on their screen. They flip their phone on its side, and the client e-Signs with their finger. An automated email copy is sent to them instantly for their records. Another tap on “Apply”, and the illustration data pre-populates to the application.

Boom. Your broker just made a sale. They didn’t panic. They have iSolve®.

With iSolve, they can:

  • Instantly respond with 40 million pre-run quotes
  • Eliminate complicated carrier illustration software
  • Reduce wait times to zero for illustration requests
  • Enable easy, side-by-side carrier comparisons
  • Have access for both Brokers and back office staff
  • Have a mobile friendly, WiFi independent experience
  • Provide multi carrier compliant illustrations on-demand
  • Allow clients to e-Sign illustrations in seconds
  • Pre-populate illustrations in iGO® e-App

Crystal Balls: Are They Ever Right?

Few people buy without some insight into the associated price, and agents know that selling insurance is no exception. Clients often demand to be shown various premiums and coverage options before signing an insurance application.
The challenge is most agents rarely know a client’s true premium tolerance or their medical background at that early stage of the selling process. Client unknowns can create significant variance in the cost of coverage and are typically not discovered until the underwriting stage is complete, thus requiring additional re-proposals.

Further complicating the selling process is the fact that illustrations are simply projections into financial futures, and the outcomes are rarely perfect. Agents attempt to show their clients this imperfect ‘crystal ball’ through varying illustrative outcomes.

Like Hitting a Wiffleball in the Wind

Client curveballs can be tricky. In order to handle all the unexpected ‘what if?’ scenarios, producers pre-run countless illustrations in advance of a client meeting hoping to avoid potential objections that could prevent a sale. This exhaustive quoting process is a producer’s only hope to get a hit with their potential client.

Same Dog, Same Tricks

Unlike the above situation, in the independent brokerage channel, brokers have no access to carrier illustration software. Their reliance is on their distributor’s back office staff to run illustration scenarios for them, providing the PDF outputs by email. This creates a back-and-forth ritual that takes hours, if not days, leaving everyone frustrated. So, can the industry be taught a new trick?

Tom Sawyer, the Producer, Passes the Paint Brush

Each carrier within the brokerage channel has their own custom illustration software, and these platforms are super complex and confusing. It’s not practical to try and teach individual brokers how to run their own illustrations on them.

Because of this, quoting aggregation tools like Winflex, Lifetrends, and Ensight were developed, with the intention of making quoting easier. But they were designed only for back office staff, and producers didn’t have access to them. The result? Agents are receiving daily emails from their distributors, requiring them to wade through pages upon pages of PDF attachments. Even worse, a third of these agents re-contact their distributors to request further tweaks to the proposals.

It’s an inefficient process: someone needs to put a fresh coat of paint on this fence for the producers.

iSolve: The Game Changer

iSolve does what no other software can: creates a digital, end-to-end experience that enables agents to quote and apply faster by avoiding the complications associated with traditional illustrations. iSolve is quite simply the fastest illustration tool they’ll ever use. Why? Because robots have been taught how to run illustrations, which avoids clumsy PDFs and provides instant responses with 40 million pre-run illustrations. Watch the webcast today or schedule a demo to learn more!

Robots Take Over Illustrations- Humans In Awe!

Quote | Illustrate | e-Sign | Apply

Presenter: Bill Atlee, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, iPipeline

Imagine if robots could handle 80% of the countless illustrations requests that come from brokers daily. Well, it’s not some cyber fantasy. iPipeline’s iSolve® robots pre-run 40 million illustrations a month to help you avoid illustration nightmares. Brokers can manipulate these solves without ever learning carrier software, have an illustration seamlessly e-Signed, or sweep it into iGO® e-App for completion. 

Let’s face it: illustrations as they exist today only output PDFs. That output stinks. It handcuffs your brokers. Why? If the illustration numbers don’t jive with their client, they call you back for more re-proposals. Even if the numbers are solid, they can’t execute the sale without printing and wet signing an illustration (Does anyone even own printers anymore?).

Isn’t it time that illustrations experience an innovative breakthrough? Join Bill Atlee, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, as he walks you through our newly enhanced version of iSolve and how to:

  • Instantly retrieve multi-carrier comparisons (GUL, CAUL, IUL)
  • Reduce running illustrations by 80%
  • Rarely access Winflex, Ensight, LifeTrends or carrier software
  • Shift 71% of illustration quoting to your brokers
  • Collapse 18.9 days off of wet signing an illustration
  • Pre-populate iGO e-App, e-Sign and submit

Resonant | Shorten Your Underwriting “Long Poles”. From Submission to Decision.

Presenter: Bill Atlee, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, iPipeline

Let’s Talk About the 5 Days That Cost Carriers Millions of Dollars.

If you were asked to take a guess at what the pivotal day for cases in underwriting was, what would you say? We’ve uncovered this day, the “Hour of Sour”, that results in a 13% decrease in placement ratio. Talk about an underwriting ‘aha’ moment! Join Bill Atlee, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at iPipeline, as he discusses this precise day and what it means in terms of millions of dollars being left on the table.

5 Days Cost Carriers Millions of Dollars.

At iPipeline, we’ve conducted the most expansive artificial intelligence and machine learning project known to the industry. Our mission was to analyze over 3 million life insurance applications submitted over the last 2 years and across 62 life insurance companies. The purpose? Enable machines to learn recognizable patterns that cause underwriting delays, missing requirements, agent behavior, case manager interactions, and any internal/external factors that could affect placement ratio.

Our goal was to increase the SPEED of underwriting by removing the obstacles that affect policy approval times.

Carriers measure underwriting speed in “cycle times”, and their success by “placement ratio”. Carriers typically define cycle time as the overall elapsed time from the date the carrier receives a submitted application until the date an underwriting decision is made. Cycle times are tricky because days are often not concurrent- instead, they’re a series of start, stop, and wait times. In traditional underwriting, it’s not uncommon for underwriters to wait on paramedical exams, APS’s, and agent responses- many factors that are beyond their control. We found machine learning was necessary to gather, organize and analyze these factors. These relationships were then plotted onto a placement ratio graph for all participating carriers. The graph revealed where the industry’s ratios plateaued, rose, and fell. We then took the same approach to graphing cycle times on each submitted application. Again, we saw various fluctuations. But here’s where the magic occurred: when we overlapped these two graphics, we found a precise day where industry placement ratio significantly dropped.

Across 62 carriers and millions of cases, the most impactful day was day 55.

However, the real “aha” moment was that cases still in underwriting between days 55 and 60 have a 13% decrease in placement ratio. This 5-day window after the day 55 “hour of sour” has huge financial consequences to carriers, so we needed to take a deeper dive. We had the machines segment applicants to filter those that fell below the blue line and purchased a policy. These green folks were then further delineated into policyholders that bought regardless of time, and those that also bought but had a bad experience due to time lags.

Above the blue line, you can see in red all the applicants that didn’t buy. Within this group of red folks, there’s a group that “will never buy”. This may be a result of them changing their mind, maybe losing their job, possibly received a worse underwriting offer, or simply went with another carrier. So the real focus should be on the applicants that did not buy due to lack of SPEED.

If the average carrier could shave 5 days off its’ cycle time, they could shift a block of applicants back into the green side, resulting in millions of additional premium dollars.

Remember, day 55 is the average across all our participating carriers and all applicant’s ages and face amounts together. The reality is, you can expect younger applicants, with lower face amounts, to fly through underwriting faster than older applicants, with higher face amounts. This is where machine learning really excels and helps uncover the “hour of sour” where placement ratio starts to drop each day.

Cycle Time Measured: Submission to In-Force

Machines can even go deeper by learning the effects that speed has on placement based on gender and product types. Clearly, speed matters. So, ask yourself, “where are you leaking time”? What are the long poles in your “outstanding requirements” tent that are not necessary, chewing up time, or can be fixed with modern technology?

Let’s have a look at some of the top underwriting delays across 62 life carriers:

Outstanding RequirementAverage Carrier’s Collection TimeResponsible Party
APS’s orders19.8 daysCarrier
Signed illustration18.7 daysAgent
Paramedical exam15.2 daysAgent/Insured
Signed Supplemental forms14.4 daysAgent
Missing application data10.3 daysAgent
APS review1.4 daysCarrier
Data entry1.3 daysCarrier

Without a doubt, agent behavior has an impact on underwriting speed. Carriers should be looking at both internal and external factors that contribute to a loss of speed. But this exercise will have little value if the carrier has no industry benchmark with which to compare themselves on speed.

iPipeline’s Resonant does exactly that and more. Resonant tracks millions of underwriting decisions across carriers and uses predictive analytics to optimize underwriting throughput. Once Resonant understands the desired underwriting path, it focuses on the toolsets necessary to execute those specified outcomes.

Resonant is built to shorten your underwriting long poles from submission to decision by providing four key modules to help you shorten your cycle time and increase placement ratio.

1) Workbench – where case managers and underwriters track and manage their individual cases with all the information needed to make a decision at their fingertips.
2) Decision Engine – this houses not only the complexity of underwriting, but also automates the entire new business process including robotic workflow routing of next steps to the right person at the right time.
3) Guideline Manager – provides you with the ability to build and modify the rules that drive the Decision Engine – not only Underwriting guidelines, but also Product, Workflow, NIGO and Suitability.
4) Correspondence – faster messaging to agents and clients.
5) OR Real-Time Dashboards – manage the pending inventory in real-time and quickly take action on cases approaching the “hour of sour”.

The Workbench and Decision Engine/Guideline Manager modules can be used separately or purchased as a suite. Either strategy will enable Resonant to help you to transform underwriting and modernize your technology.
When you’re ready, Resonant will integrate with your e-Application and offer your agents “instant decisioning” on your products that make the most sense. Standard integrations with third party evidence provider tools enable access to critical data in real time. Resonant can provide you with one process to handle the entire spectrum of underwriting from instant to accelerated to traditional.

Finally! A modern underwriting tool with all the capabilities you need, wrapped together in an advanced analytics and industry benchmarking solution. Built by underwriters, for underwriters.

National Life Group Simplifies Research and Quoting Process for Life Insurance Agents with iPipeline’s iSolve

National Life Group Removes the Complexity from Illustrating and Solving Client Needs for Permanent Insurance in the COVID-19 Environment

Exton, PA (October 27, 2020) – iPipeline® – a leading provider of low code cloud-based software solutions for the life insurance and financial services industry – today announced National Life Group, a leading provider of life insurance and diversified financial products, will implement iSolve®, an advanced research and quoting product, to automate the selling of permanent insurance for their life insurance agencies in the US.

Designed to simplify and streamline the process of identifying and quoting life insurance options for customers, iSolve enables agents to conduct one simple and secure search, which returns multiple life insurance options in the form of financial illustrations. While 15 national insurance companies are using iSolve to accelerate sales activity, National Life Group is the first US carrier to enable clients and agents to electronically sign a compliant illustration in real-time on their phone or tablet, eliminating the need for additional meetings in today’s contactless selling environment.

“Given the obstacles to selling in the COVID-19 pandemic, agents are quick to adopt advanced technologies that simplify and accelerate the selling of permanent insurance products. When customers are considering choosing an insurance policy, they want to explore multiple options. Running financial illustrations for each product is time-consuming and a complex undertaking,” said Bill Atlee, Chief Strategy Officer, iPipeline. “iSolve has taken the rocket science out of the entire process. iSolve maintains current database housing values for almost every possible illustration solve scenario, which includes premiums, target premiums, cash surrender values, distribution amounts, internal rates of return and guarantee years, placing millions of data combinations at the agent’s fingertips. This delivers a significant advantage and enables customers to make highly informed buying decisions in a short time. We are pleased to be able to make R&D investments in the current COVID-19 environment that move the needle in the right direction for our carriers and their agents.”

“iPipeline’s approach to providing carriers with one unified experience via their SSG Digital® platform is aligned with our vision to provide digital experiences that make it easier to do business. Rather than burdening a case designer with multiple requests under time restraints, the agents will have the ability to seamlessly and rapidly run quotes, what-if analyses, create illustrations, and then apply using iGO® e-App–all in one platform—improving the customer experience,” said Nimesh Mehta, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, National Life Group. “Agents will be able to make instant changes to the face amount, health class, pay period, and other variables to create an optimal solution for their clients, because iPipeline uses cloud elasticity to create hundreds of scenarios and does not rely on static PDFs like other illustration software products. iSolve’s ease of use, speed, flexibility, and ability to allow agents and clients to electronically sign compliant illustrations in real-time on a phone and tablet will make it an invaluable solution for National Life Group and our distribution partners especially during the pandemic.”

To learn how you can implement iPipeline’s iSolve product to simplify and accelerate how your agents sell permanent insurance products, contact sales@ipipeline.com or call 1-800-758-0824, option 2.

About National Life Group
National Life Group® is a trade name of National Life Insurance Company, Montpelier, Vt., Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, Addison, Texas, and their affiliates. Each company of National Life Group is solely responsible for its own financial condition and contractual obligations. Life Insurance Company of the Southwest is not an authorized insurer in New York and does not conduct insurance business in New York. Equity Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC, is a Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Adviser affiliate of National Life Insurance Company. All other entities are independent of Equity Services, Inc. Visit https://www.nationallife.com/. TC117587(1020)1

About iPipeline
iPipeline is a leading provider of low code, cloud-based software solutions for the life insurance and financial services industry. Through our SSG Digital, end-to-end platform, we accelerate and simplify sales, compliance, operations, and support. We provide process automation and seamless integration between every participant in our ecosystem including carriers, agents, general agencies, advisors, broker-dealers, RIAs, banks, securities/mutual fund firms, and their consumers on a global basis. Our innovative solutions include pre-sales support, new business and underwriting, policy administration, point-of-sale execution of applications, post-sale support, data analysis, reporting, user-driven configuration, consumer delivery and self-service, and agency and firm management.

iPipeline’s platform is used by approximately 150 carriers, 1,400 distributors and financial institutions, and their agents and licensed advisors in a cloud-based environment. With headquarters in Exton, Pennsylvania, iPipeline has locations in Boston, Bromley (UK), Burlington (Canada), Cheltenham (UK), Dallas, Davidson, Fort Lauderdale, Huntersville, Ontario (CA), Philadelphia, Pleasanton, and Salt Lake City. Visit www.ipipeline.com.


For iPipeline:
Lisa Shea

Five Mistakes Agents Make with Permanent Quoting

Agents need to be able to react to client pricing objections in the field. But let’s face it- lugging a laptop out to a client meeting is clumsy, and distracting when trying to present. Not to mention the fact that illustration software is awkward to use in front of clients. So it gets left behind, and agents make critical mistakes that waste time and lengthen the selling process.

Here are the top 5 mistakes agents make with permanent quoting:

  1. Quoting before knowing
    Pre-running illustrations to avoid running them in front of clients is a fool’s errand. Without knowing the client’s premium tolerance, 90% of scenarios end up in the trash, wasting valuable time.
  2. Hopping on the “health class” mystery tour
    Agents are typically unaware of a client’s “true” medical background or lifestyle at the quoting stage, resulting in an assumed health class and often setting wrong pricing expectations with the client. This misalignment causes higher “not taken” policies.
  3. Whiffing on the client curveball
    Clients throw unexpected objections that require agents to adjust illustration options on the fly. And we already talked about how awkward that software is to use in front of clients, so they avoid it, causing unnecessary delays and multiple client meetings.
  4. Dying by the PDF
    Flipping through lengthy PDFs of calculations and disclosures is a presentation nightmare. Not only is it confusing to a customer, but it’s a difficult experience showing clients death benefit options, payment lengths, premiums and products hunched over a stack of 8 x 11 papers.
  5. Getting stuck in a wet world
    Illustrations are simply projections, that for compliance reasons must be signed to acknowledge the understanding of their disclosures. Why is a “wet” signature still used for collection?
    e-Signing accommodates face-to-face or remote selling, enabling deals to close faster.

Finally… a solution

We solved these quoting problems plaguing the industry by allowing agents to react instantly to client needs. No running clunky illustrations software, no pre-running multiple illustrations in advance of a meeting. This mobile experience redefines how agents quote and present a traditional illustration to customers, without having to replace your existing software. This innovation will change the way agents sell and will make the entire process more efficient at every level.

Contact Naish Berran at nberran@ipipeline.com to request a demo.

When Was the Last Time You Gave an Inforce Illustration to Every Single Policyholder? It’s TIME!

Presenter: Bill Atlee, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder, iPipeline

Interest rates have been historically low for 10 years, which has placed tremendous performance pressure on illustrated products. Most policyholders are unaware of how this impacts their policy, and if their current values still meet their original expectations. The challenge is, less than 1% of policyholders actually receive an inforce illustration to gain this valuable insight. Why? The majority of carriers don’t have the ability to run the hundreds of thousands of inforce illustration necessary to educate ALL of their policyholders each year. The last several years, our industry has paid out over 6.6 billion in class action law suits on this topic alone.

Join our Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Bill Atlee as he discusses:

  • How your existing legacy inforce software can still scale to generate millions of illustrations
  • Why it’s critical to know the financial “health of your block”
  • How to identify your most vulnerable policyholders that are in danger of future involuntary lapse
  • How you can help policyholders course correct, before it’s too late
  • How most carriers overlook $200 million of untapped premium

Bill Atlee Featured on Bill Levinson Podcast

We are delighted to have our Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Bill Atlee featured on a recent episode of the Bill Levinson Experience – an Insurance, Sales, Business and Marketing focused podcast hosted by Bill Levinson, Managing Partner at Levinson & Associates.

We encourage you to check out this episode, where Bill Atlee discusses his background as a life insurance agent, the adventurous road he traveled to start iPipeline and his advice for being a successful entrepreneur.

Our thanks to Bill Levinson and Levinson & Associates for inviting us to participate in their industry leadership podcast!

Visit the Bill Levinson Experience Podcast

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