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Enriching Your e-App Experience

With 50+ successful Carrier implementations, and hundreds of thousands of agents in North America utilizing the product, it’s safe to say that iGO┬« has become an important part of workflows across the nation. The breadth of this network is certainly apparent in the roughly $32 billion in e-Application ops dollars saved to date!

As the product owner of iGO, it’s my job to continually seek out enhancements that will enrich the e-App experience. The benefits that customers are seeing as a result of using iGO reach well beyond an improvement on NiGO applications, reduced cycle times, and increased placement ratio.

Take Guardian Life for example- after rolling out iGO for both their Life and Disability product lines, they proactively became the first adopter of Client Collaboration, enabling their agents and consumers to work together to complete applications.

Another great point of reference is Pekin and Mutual of Omaha, who are both utilizing LexisNexis Instant ID to verify the identity of consumers in real-time, thus reducing risk and flagging fraudulent and suspect behavior.

These are just a few highlights- I invite you to explore the full range of features available to augment the iGO experience below. Please also feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn to keep in tune with iGO enhancements in the future!