Robots Take Over Illustrations- Humans In Awe!

  • iPipeline

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Presenter: Bill Atlee, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, iPipeline

Imagine if robots could handle 80% of the countless illustrations requests that come from brokers daily. Well, it’s not some cyber fantasy. iPipeline’s iSolve® robots pre-run 40 million illustrations a month to help you avoid illustration nightmares. Brokers can manipulate these solves without ever learning carrier software, have an illustration seamlessly e-Signed, or sweep it into iGO® e-App for completion. 

Let’s face it: illustrations as they exist today only output PDFs. That output stinks. It handcuffs your brokers. Why? If the illustration numbers don’t jive with their client, they call you back for more re-proposals. Even if the numbers are solid, they can’t execute the sale without printing and wet signing an illustration (Does anyone even own printers anymore?).

Isn’t it time that illustrations experience an innovative breakthrough? Join Bill Atlee, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, as he walks you through our newly enhanced version of iSolve and how to:

  • Instantly retrieve multi-carrier comparisons (GUL, CAUL, IUL)
  • Reduce running illustrations by 80%
  • Rarely access Winflex, Ensight, LifeTrends or carrier software
  • Shift 71% of illustration quoting to your brokers
  • Collapse 18.9 days off of wet signing an illustration
  • Pre-populate iGO e-App, e-Sign and submit