Laser App

Automating Financial Forms

Laser App is our leading financial forms automation solution that streamlines the process by pre-populating clients’ information and managing documents directly from your CRM. With more than 70 integrations and 33,000 forms in the library, this solution offers financial firms the largest selection of forms for advisors.

Whether you’re using third-party solutions, a proprietary workflow, or a decentralized strategy of technology, Laser App incorporates client data across all platforms to streamline the order entry process for various transactions, including securities, annuities, life insurance, and custodian.

Key Benefits

Reduces the time needed for data entry by hours of time by up to 80% for advisors*

Increases the speed of filling orders by 10x*

Reduces transactional cost by up to 60%*

*These are average numbers and are not indicative of definite future results.

Key Features


Forms contain logic and mapping to pre-fill consistently – reducing time spent filling and correcting forms

Largest Forms

One unified location for 33,000+ forms in the industry’s most extensive forms library


Laser App simplifies processing, making it easy to populate data by integrating with 30+ industry-leading CRM solutions