We understand the challenges you’re facing.

The business environment presented by the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging- you need a stong partner who’s focused on helping you secure the financial futures of your customers’ families.

When we were acquired by Roper Technologies, it provided a strong, long-term foundation for us to continue expanding the reach of our leading digital technologies to the industry.

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Looking for New Distribution Partners?

Did you know?

There have been over 120 million quotes run on the iPipeline platform.

There are over 1,400 Distributors and Financial Institutions taking advantage of our straight through processing.

“If you want to play in this space, you’ve gotta be on iPipeline!”
–One of our Carrier partners

Speed Matters. We’ll Tell You Why.

55 Days

The e-Delivery Sweet Spot.

It’s true…we’ve learned that on the 55th day in the average cycle, the average placement ratio plateaus at 90%.

So what happened in the five day window after?

The industry lost about 13% in placement ratio. Staggering, no?
Millions of dollars in premium to be had, just by shifting the cycle time under that magic number…


Placement Ratio
from Day 55 – Day 60.

Want some more speed-oriented goodness? We’re glad you asked- check out the stats to the right, they’ll show you some mind-blowing numbers one of our Carrier partners has realized with e-Delivery.
  • 18 Months to full service platform
    with all features implemented
  • 2 Weeks to roll out to 12,000+ agents
    and scale volume from 5 –> 100%
  • 85% agent participation
  • 800-900 policies delivered daily
  • 19 days on average saved vs. the paper world
  • 92% application throughput
    (only ~9k of 119k new e-Policies not accepted)
  • 70% of total policies available electronically,
    approaching 100% in the next 6 months
  • 99% of customers prefer an e-Policy

Wondering how you can attack your cycle time and lift placement ratio? We can help.

Data Is the New Currency

The insights provided by data have been paramount in reacting to the current COVID-19 environment. How can you start making the shift to become a data-driven?

How are you going to find growth? Where should you be placing your bets? Data provides us with the ability to make intelligent, well-rounded decisions in order to innovate and succeed in these difficult times.

Take a proactive approach to your future growth and stability- schedule a briefing and start putting your data to work for you today.

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