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We’ve mentioned before that we’re passionate about digitalization, but more importantly, the people that benefit from it. So we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Life Happens and make a commitment to help increase the awareness about the importance of life insurance.

Too many people are ill-prepared to provide for their loved ones in the event of their untimely passing- this partnership aligns with our desire to make a difference in the financial security of families.

Helping to Hit the “Reset” Button – The Life Lessons Scholarship Program

This program was created for college-bound high school seniors and college students who were financially impacted by the loss of a parent who was uninsured or under-insured.

For 2021, we’re pleased to be able to offer $35,000 in scholarship money to six deserving students in the Greater Philadelphia region.

2021 Life Happens Scholarship Recipient


Kyler Epstein | Temple University

Going into this year of school, I was unsure of how I was going to be able to afford to continue my education, and this scholarship has solved all my financial issues. Thank you for helping me to focus more on my education and future goals.

When I was in eighth grade my father decided to take his own life. I had always seen him as the happiest man I knew- the life of the party- but he decided his life was no longer worth living, leaving me, my stay-at-home mother, and my three younger sisters behind. When he died, we discovered his mountain of debt and lapsed life insurance policies. The immense amount of debt he racked up was thrown onto my mom, and we were left with nothing- no car insurance, no life insurance, and no medical insurance. We lost our house, our car, and almost all the money we had, forcing my mother to claim bankruptcy for exemption. If my father had continued paying for his life insurance, we probably would have had enough money to pay off all his debt. My mom, who had not worked in over fifteen years, found a part-time job as a personal trainer and we have been living paycheck to paycheck since then. I am currently in my second semester of my freshman year at Temple University and work forty-hour weeks all summer and winter breaks in order to help pay for my tuition. Often, I have to visit my university’s student food pantry in order to afford groceries. I am on track to graduate a semester early and will then move on to receive a master’s degree in accountancy.

Additional 2021 Recipients

  • ColleenCostello

    Colleen Costello

    I am so honored – I believe the work you are doing with this program will change the lives of many people. I am very appreciative and will put the scholarship to good use by furthering my academic career.
  • AllisonHill

    Allison Hill

    As a lifelong resident of the Exton area, learning of your headquarters right in my backyard makes this honor all the more special to me. Please accept my sincere heartfelt gratitude for blessing me with this opportunity.
  • SarahIbrahim

    Sarah Ibrahim

    Thank you, thank you, thank you- from the bottom of my heart and with the utmost sincerity. This will cover a nice chunk of my tuition next term and the relief it provides me from scrambling to try and make ends meet is worth so much more.
  • RachelLi

    Rachel Li

    I’m glad to have an affordable education, especially as a first-generation student. My dad never went to college, and I’m happy to carry out one of his unfinished dreams in my life path!

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