iPipeline Underwriting Webinar Series

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7 Speakers. 3 Sessions.

Underwriting’s Most Pressing Challenges (and Opportunities), Simplified.

Join iPipeline and several key industry experts as we dive deep into all things underwriting in a special three-part underwriting webinar series.

Together, we’ll uncover regulatory changes impacting the future of underwriting, advancements being made to the underwriting process, changes in consumer expectations, the ways artificial intelligence (AI) and underwriters are rewriting the rules in life insurance, and more.


Advancing the Underwriting Process, Trends, and Consumer Expectations Post-Pandemic

In this session, we’ll uncover the pandemic’s effect on our industry, the technological advancements being made to set carriers up for success in the future, and the roadmap for agent and consumer expectations moving forward. 

Participating Presenters:


How AI and Underwriters are Rewriting the Rules in Life Insurance

Digital data sources and integrations are becoming more accessible to carriers and underwriters. In this session, learn what data sources are most often used in the industry to corroborate application data and how COVID-19 impacted insurers’ plans regarding new data sources and implementations.

Participating Presenters:


Regulatory Changes Impacting the Future of Underwriting

This panel discussion will dive deep into critical regulatory changes impacting the future of underwriting, as well as how some carriers, and the industry, are navigating the ever-evolving landscape.

Participating Presenters: