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PolicyHS (Policy Holder Services) allows service forms to be completed in an electronic experience. Via online wizards, consumers, agents, advisors and/or call center representatives enter the needed data and electronically sign and submit making the experience easier, accurate and less costly.  PolicyHS provides customers with a seamless experience to complete change forms electronically. 

PolicyHS prevents data entry mistakes, generates questions on the fly and completes the process with e-Signature and e-Submission, returning the form back to the carrier in minutes. The completed forms and XML data are entered directly into the carrier administration system via straight-through processing.


  • Pre-build set of wizards and workflows
  • 14 most common change forms available out-of-box
  • Secure e-Signature functionality pre-integrated with DocuSign®
  • Authentication methods including ID check and phone-based authentication
  • XML feed for data integration into admin systems


  • Offer customer self-service on your public facing website
  • Decrease customer support and back office processing resources and cost for non value-added tasks
  • Accelerate response to policyholder requests and cut response times and delays
  • Automate data integration with carrier administrative/back-end systems

Engineered for Rapid Deployment

PolicyHS is pre-integrated with the industry-leading e-Signature solution, DocuSign. PolicyHS comes pre-populated with the 14 most common change forms, but can easily add the additional change form that you need to make your customers' experience on policy changes seamless.