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DocFast® streamlines and improves the customer communication experience across the channel by digitally sending documents. Rapid digital delivery and two-way communications offers speed-to-market advantages and allows requirements to be collected with ease—communication is immediate, documents are quickly and securely delivered, and business happens at the speed of now.

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  • Mobile, responsive user interface
  • Real-time dashboard and tracking of delivery process
  • Ability to send documents privately
  • Ability to send multiple documents as one policy
  • Accepts premium payment to complete transaction or policy
  • Face-to-face e-Signature
  • Upsell functionality at point of sale


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  • Digital consumer experience
  • Cross-sell new products and drive referrals
  • Reduce your policy and document delivery time
  • Collect your requirements faster
  • Minimize your re-issue delays and cut mailing costs
  • Secure credit card payment
  • Provides e-receipt and auditable trail to indicate when clock starts for free-look period
  • Reduces costs by eliminating paper-based processing and mailing
  • Eliminates unnecessary delivery delays caused by the traditional mailing
  • Easily routes contracts to Advisor and New Business Desk
  • Meets expectations of the mass youth market—today’s largest opportunity for sales
  • Documents the signature on acknowledgement of receipt
  • Supports in-force communications for monthly statements, fee & disclosure statements, and other important communications
  • Supports the electronic archiving of all critical business documents
  • Reduces delivery time

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