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When conducting business in a digital world, you need a safe and flexible solution to not only deliver documents to clients electronically, but also have them signed quickly and securely. AlphaTrust® e-Sign is a white label e-Signature solution that gives you full customization of your document delivery and e-Signature experience to continue promoting your brand through the entire sales process. Increase the efficiency of your daily workflow with AlphaTrust e-Sign through features like presenting disclosures, form filling, document approval, document and policy signature, and secure delivery.


  • Complete customization and white-labeling to deliver an experience unique to your brand
  • Fully compliant with North American, European, and various Asian Pacific laws and regulations
  • Seamless integration into iGO and DocFast, or your preferred e-App and document delivery solutions
  • Robust Web Services APIs enabling fine-grained process control, security control, and event management
  • One platform provides support for all three process approaches in the marketplace – integrated, stand-alone workflows, and ad-hoc send and sign


  • Ability to fully customize and deliver the ideal user experience to wow your customers
  • Easily embeds into your existing applications to offer a unified user experience
  • Offers complete workflows, security, control, and auditability
  • Provides national and international legal and regulatory compliance
  • Repeatable processes allow clients to leverage previous work

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