We understand the challenges you’re facing.

The business environment presented by the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging- you need a stong partner who’s focused on helping you secure the financial futures of your customers’ families.

When we were acquired by Roper Technologies, it provided a strong, long-term foundation for us to continue expanding the reach of our leading digital technologies to the industry.

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How Are You Submitting Business Today?

How Are You Generating New Leads & Attracting New Clients?

With iProspector, let the leads come to you! Offer direct to consumer functionality, which lets consumers run their own quotes and submit their own application requests.

Specify your required contact fields prior to quote generation, and the information is collected in the admin portal for easy assignment.

How Are You Maintaining & Tracking Efficiencies?

Proud Partners of the BGA Community

iPipeline provides distributors with the technology needed to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering the most comprehensive end-to-end platform in the industry. We provide you with the agent toolsets that a modern workforce needs in order to process business quickly in this ever-innovating market. iPipeline’s vast agency management offerings keep you in touch with your growing network of carriers.

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