iGO Product Update – October 2020

  • iPipeline

Please take a look at our new enhancements including the addition of a custom header and footer for Client Collaboration and performance improvements when duplicating a Direct to Consumer application for completion in a call center. There are also a few minor fixes to improve consistency, as described below.


  1. Custom header and footer for Client Collaboration
    This enhancement allows carriers using Client Collaboration to create their own custom headers and footers. This enhancement allowed for templates to be available where carriers could create their own HTML and include it in the the header and footers in Client Collaboration. This will allow carrier to include their own content in the header and footer to be presented to their customers. This enhancement is available to customers using Client Collaboration who have opted in to the new Client Collaboration architecture. Please reach out to your professional service team if you are interested in this enhancement.

  2. Duplicate and Transfer performance improvements
    This is enhancement improves the performance of iGO when a case is duplicated and transferred to another set of users automatically in the iGO workflow. The common occurrence of this workflow is when a case completed in Direct to Consumer is duplicated and transferred to a call center channel to complete the application process. Another common workflow is when a Part 1 case is completed by an agent and the case is duplicated and transferred to a call center to complete the Part 2 of the application. In these scenarios the steps and calls to duplicate and transfer have been reduced to a single step and allow for the user to close the screen and still ensure the process to duplicate and transfer the case completes successfully. This will help eliminate any wait time for the user while completing their portion of the iGO case.


  1. Consistent session timeout warning message
    Resolution to an issue where the session timeout popup warning message for projects built using our Maestro Screen Designer were not consistent with the session timeout popup message for our legacy implementations. After this release these popup messages will be the same.

    Current timeout warning popup message:

    New message after the October release:

    This message will appear 1 minute prior to the session timeout to allow for the user to continue their session or log out. If the user takes no action they will be logged out of iGO.

  2. Duplicate alerts in case sharing
    This fix resolves the appearance of duplicate alerts for carriers who are using case sharing. The duplicate alerts would show on the My Cases screen. The appearance of the duplicate alerts also negatively impacted the performance of the My Cases screen load. With this fix the duplicate alerts for shared cases will be resolved. With the resolution of the duplicate alerts the My Cases screen load time will improve as well.

  3. PDF merge missing file
    This update resolves and intermittent issue where during the PDF merge process which occurs when preparing the PDF package during the eSignature process and the submission process would encounter a file not found error thus resulting in the PDF package missing a required form.

  4. Single Sign On to Application tab skips go / no go approval step
    This fix resolves an issues for BGAs and Distributors where the Single Sign On (SSO) would land the user directly on the application tab and not on the Case Information Screen. In this scenario data that was in the SSO to be used for the go / no go process would be dropped. Due to this data being dropped when the case was submitted by the agent it would skip the go / no go process and be submitted directly to the carrier.

  5. Mobile Updates
    • Send pin screen on iOS devices
      This fix improves the usability of Text My Pin functionality in Client Collaboration on iOS mobile devices. Currently if a user is on a iOS mobile device and is using the Text My Pin feature to authenticate into Client Collaboration the screen to initiate the sending of the pin is very small and presents a poor user experience. This update resolves the issue with this screen’s appearance and provides the user with a better experience.

    • User focus on review forms
      This fix resolves an issue with the user’s focus when viewing forms in Client Collaboration on an iPhone or Android phone. When interacting with the case and the user clicks on the Review Application button the forms appear however the user’s focus is brought to the bottom of the form instead of the top. This update resolves this issue and brings the user’s focus to the top of the forms when they are rendered on the screen.

  6. Single Sign On to Application tab clears our forms sequence at lock
    This update resolves an issue when a user would Single Sign On (SSO) directly into the application tab. When the user would proceed to lock the case it would cause the forms clear out and force the user back to the first iGO screen.

  7. Case export in test environments
    This update fixes an issue with exporting cases to XML in our QA and UAT environments. The inability to export cases in these environments impacted iPipeline staff and customers ability to test functionality in an efficient manner, elongating the overall test process. With this release individuals testing functionality in QA and UAT environments will be able to utilize the export case function to improve the efficiency of their testing process.