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Access Millions of Illustrations with Remarkable Speed and Ease

Bill Atlee, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of iPipeline, discusses how you can accelerate sales and enhance your consumer experience with iSolve. Clients are demanding when exploring insurance options. This leads to major time investments for agents and researchers to create multiple illustrations at insurer sites to cover all policy options.

Designed for exceptional ease of use and speed, iSolve enables agents to conduct one simple and secure search to return multiple life insurance quotes/illustrations–in near real time–to accelerate sales and enhance the buying experience.

Key topics covered in this webcast recording include:

  1. Executing one simple and secure search for multiple options using millions of data combinations
  2. Automating to enhance the consumer buying experience
  3. Satisfying numerous client buying scenarios and pricing needs
  4. Streamlining the entire quoting/illustrations process