Solutions for Carriers-Brokerage

iPipeline offers the nation's top carriers advanced technology and the leading distribution network to effectively market, sell and process insurance faster.

Approximately 120 carriers, 1,200 distributors and 400,000 producers use our end-to-end, integrated solutions to streamline and accelerate business processes and drive placement ratio lift.


Products for Carriers-Brokerage

  • Looking for shelf space on your distributors' Web sites? With iPipeline's Content Manager™™ on-demand platform Content Partner, you'll find it. This service Term Quote™ allows you to distribute your rates, forms and product information through a single database engine to your entire distribution network. Content Partner ensures accurate, compliant information is always available to participating distributors' Web Digital Billboard™ sites and their producers.

    Other products for you include: Content Manager™, Term Quote™, & Digital Billboard™

  • A fully compliant Web-based and disconnected solution for forward-projecting Needs Analysis Hypotheticals and In-force Illustration are the cornerstones of Illustrations. It supports your entire product line, including Life Insurance, Annuities, Disability Income and Long Advanced Sales Term Care. A wealth of features is included, adding to your ease-of-use and maximizing your sales Illustration Partner effectiveness.

    Other products for you include: Needs Analysis, Advanced Sales, Illustrations Partner™, & Illustrations Integrator™

  • iGO®, an intelligent fillable form, enables career and independent producers to improve efficiency and productivity iGO Drop Ticket™ by eliminating errors and producing 100% in iGO Part 2™ good order submissions. Hosted by iPipeline, iGO is accessible through a single sign-on via your Web site or a distributor's Web site. When used with e-Signature and e-Submission, producers are enabled for straight-through processing to speed policy issuance and increase placement ratio.

    Other products for you include: iGO Drop Ticket™, iGO for Annuities, iGO Part 2™,& iGO Licensing & Appointment™

  • Data Rail is connectivity. It standardizes, centralizes DataRail and effectively distributes data to streamline business processes and reduce costs. It receives, processes, maps, redistributes and displays data for the Life, Annuity, LTC, DI, Health and Life Settlements industries. What's this all mean for you? In a nutshell, DataRail helps keep you constantly connected to your distribution.

    Other products for you include: Data View™

  • The electronic policy delivery system you've been PolicyEX looking for is finally here. It's PolicyEX-an interactive experience for policy delivery. What makes PolicyEX unique? Instant up-sell and cross-sell potential built in, electronic signature with DocuSign, and secure electronic delivery.

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  • Reduce cycle time. Increase consumer satisfaction. Cut PolicyHS operational costs for policyholder services. Carriers receive between 100,000 and 1 million calls from clients every year to modify policies. Sixty percent of the calls are directly from clients, and the remaining 40 percent result from clients contacting producers, who then call the centers. The cost for this manual, error-prone process is staggering. PolicyHS eliminates NiGOs, PolicyHS accelerates call center responsiveness to requests, and increases consumer satisfaction by simplifying and automating the process. It allows for 100 percent accuracy, while providing the means for straight-through processing.

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