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More than Half of All Southern Farm Bureau Life Submissions Are iGO e-Apps.

Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company (SFBLIC) just edged past the halfway point of having all of their life insurance applications—52 percent to be exact— submitted digitally thanks to iPipeline e-Apps. Rick McKissack, the director of project management for the Jackson, MS-based SFBLIC, couldn’t be happier with the adoption rate. He says the ongoing use of the tool in the field is a huge benefit for their agents and their company.

"The results speak for themselves,” he says. “We’ve skyrocketed from 14 percent usage to last month’s numbers. We’ve had a pretty remarkable rise in e-App use since we came on board with iPipeline in May 2011."

For SFBLIC, the journey to greater acceptance really took off last October when the company introduced an e-App option that could be accessed from pretty much anywhere.

“Farm Bureau agents are known and trusted throughout their communities,” McKissack says. “As a result of that trust, our agents are invited into the homes of their customers – and much insurance protection is sold at the kitchen table in those homes. We also have the occasional life insurance policy sold on the hood of a truck in a driveway, tractor in a field, and, on at least one occasion, at the end of a turkey hunt.”

Thanks to a disconnected version of the tool that SFBLIC refers to as “standalone” e-App, doing an electronic application at anyone’s kitchen table (or in a field or the woods for that matter) became a real possibility for agents. Due to limited high-speed Internet access in many rural areas of the country, it was problematic for many agents to access the connected version of the e-App when outside the office. The disconnected system allows SFBLIC agents to download the latest version of the e-App onto their computers and then later sync up when they have an Internet connection.

“A number of our agents could not use the e-App due to the limited connectivity,” he says. “Moving [the stand alone e-App] out in the forefront has greatly increased agent usage.”

McKissack says that SFBLIC personnel have been showcasing the e-App in meetings throughout the 11 states where SFBLIC agents conduct business. The reaction from sales managers and agents in these meetings has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Agents get really fired up about the e-App in general and the standalone e-App in particular,” he says. “You see their eyes light up when we start discussing the benefits of using the e-App. The icing on the cake happens when their fellow agents start telling stories about how fast and convenient the e-App is to use.”

So, what are they responding to the most?

“It’s the demonstrated benefits of using the Pipeline e-App software and the agent testimonials,” McKissack says. “The iPipeline e-App is a game changer.”

According to McKissack, the end of the year goal for 2012 is to have 70 percent of all SFBLIC applications coming in electronically. Will they come close to reaching that number?

“Based on current usage trends, it is looking very likely that the 70% usage goal will be met – and then we will start thinking about that 100% usage rate!” he says.

“It’s a huge benefit for our agents, customers, and Home Office operational efficiency to receive in Good Order apps.”

Rick McKissack
Director of Project Mgmt.
Southern Farm Bureau Life