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Diversified Brokerage Services (DBS) increased profitability after seeing 15,000 applications go through iGO Drop Ticket.

Talk to anyone at Diversified Brokerage Services (DBS), and they’ll be able to tell you about iGO Drop Ticket. How it works. What the benefits are. Why you’ll want to use it for all your term applications.

The Minneapolis-based company has been sharing this story with its agents since 2009.

“We trained everyone in the entire company to tell the iGO Drop Ticket story,” Chip Van Dusen says. “We piloted it, perfected it and then communicated the strong enthusiasm and success that was generated in the marketplace.”

Van Dusen, the president of DBS, can probably tell it better than anyone. A champion of iGO Drop Ticket from the very beginning, he says that converting this once paper-intensive process into a digital one helped tremendously with the bottom line.

“First and foremost, profitability has gone up dramatically,” he says of the use of iGO Drop Ticket. “Because we do significant volumes of term insurance, it was highly critical that we help create a path that became easy, fast and hassle-free for the producer.”

Van Dusen says the mandatory use of iGO Drop Ticket has also helped the company avoid the “expense, time, effort and energy” that once went into doing term business.

So what does he predict for the future for DBS and the telling of its iGO Drop Ticket story?

“We’re all working on determining what that looks like right now,” he says. “But I think we’re going to continue to see really good adoption as time moves on.”




“[iPipeline] came out and sat down with us to understand our needs and wants, and they made them a reality.”

Chip Van Dusen