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NFP and iPipeline are solving real world problems confronting distribution—and it’s working.

Adnan Raja, AVP of Field Technology Solutions at National Financial Partners (NFP), says iPipeline does things a bit differently than the other vendors they’ve worked with.

“We don’t consider iPipeline a vendor,” he says. “We feel that [they’re] a true strategic partner.”
He points to the unique philosophy he says the iPipeline team showed from the very beginning of the working relationship that dates back several years ago.

“iPipeline came in and said, “How can we, together, solve a problem? We liked this kind of collaboration,” he says. “We’re both working to understand and solve a problem as opposed to force fitting a solution.”

Instead of “patching” an issue, Raja says NFP’s experiences with iPipeline have shown a company that brings a much more comprehensive approach to problem solving that’s hard to match. He can quickly name the entire iPipeline executive team, and he tells stories about working with each of them.

“You can tell these guys have deep industry knowledge and valuable experience,” he says. “iPipeline is really taking the industry issues and going out to get them fixed and improving the process from the ground up.”

According to Raja, the reason why NFP elected to go with iGO was because iPipeline had managed to sign up the carriers of major interest to NFP.

“It’s a big win for us to get our agents to really learn a way to process business and show the productivity in straight through,” he says.”  iGO e-App completely changed the way our agents submit cases to the carriers.”








“You can tell these guys have deep industry knowledge and valuable experience.”

Adnan Raja
AVP, Field Technology Solutions

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